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History of Rochil Boxers

My husband, Perry and I purchased our first pet Boxer in 1973. Bardic's Kismet of Rochil was a brown Boxer with a black mask and lovely black eyes. We were very lucky in that she came from a long line of exceptionally fine Boxers. At the time this was strictly a bonus for us as we simply wanted a loving pet Boxer. I had owned a Boxer prior to our marriage and I wanted to introduce Perry to this wonderful breed martingale method for binary options.

Kismet had one litter of puppies and produced a beautiful brindle bitch, Rochil's Fancee Footwork, that we kept. We still were not looking for anything more than having another lovely Boxer in the house. The owner of the sire of the puppy was a member of the Dallas Boxer Club and once she saw pictures of this puppy she encouraged us to enter her in the DBC annual puppy match. We did and the puppy was awarded Best in Match! The rest is history. That was in 1976 and we haven't stopped showing Boxers since.

Rochil Boxers has bred/co-bred and/or owned/co-owned 40 champions to date.

Our first champion was CH. Rochil's Kallista of Marburl "Kalli". Kalli was purchased from the great Marburl Boxers. We owe so much to Rufus and Mary Frances Burleson who entrusted us with this wonderful bitch that was to become our first champion and the foundation of Rochil Boxers. Soon after finishing, Kalli was bred to CH. Har-Vel's Gold Express "Matt", the second Boxer that was entrusted to us by co-owner Pat Niles, and breeders Velda and Harold Rounsaville. These two wonderful champions gave us our first great litter from which there were three champions, CH. Rochil's Grande Marshall, CH. Rochil's Kallista Gold, and CH. Rochil's Texas Troubadour. A repeat breeding gave us our fourth champion from this breeding, CH. Rochil's Platinum Express.

These four champions made Kalli a Dam of Merit and gave Matt a head start toward his Sire of Merit status. From these four beautiful Boxers, CH. Rochil's Grande Marshall (Maxx), who was always beautifully exhibited by Michael Shepherd, was to become a top winning Boxer from 1986-1989. Maxx attained his Legion of Merit status in 2005, a producer, siring twenty five champions, with four Dams of Merit martingale strategy for binary options.

We want to pay tribute to the following people without whom Rochil Boxers could not have achieved what we have through the years. We thank Mary Frances and Rufus Burleson for giving us our foundation in the breed. To Michael Shepherd and his parents, Nancy and Robert Shepherd we are deeply indebted for giving us the help we needed to show our Boxers. Michael has always exhibited Rochil Boxers and brought out the very best in each one of them. He began with our young brindle bitch, which we were never able to complete her championship, but to this day Michael has finished nineteen Rochil champions.

To Pam and Bob Rohr and Dreamweaver Boxer, we owe a great debt of gratitude. Pam Rohr believed in and found her foundation in Rochil Boxers. From her first breeding to CH. Har-Vel's Gold Express she got her first champion and her first Dam of Merit, CH. Lucy's Gold Thread. From Velda Rounsaville, Har-Vel Boxers, we have learned so much about the breed and about breeding.

We continue to learn and to work to better the breed. Our deepest appreciation goes to all those breeders who have believed in Rochil Boxers and bred their bitches to one of our dogs and to all of the owners who have come to us to obtain their beloved pets and show Boxers.

We hope you enjoy visiting Rochil Boxers home on the WWW. Please contact us for more information or to simply chat about our wonderful breed martingale system for binary options.

Perry and Sandi Combest